Terms and conditions of petrol ride website

Term and conditions are rules that your must follow if you use our website so when you sign up must must accept our terms and conditions otherwise you can not use our services. any one who will use our fiverorder will must follow our terms and conditions that is very necessary thing.these terms and conditions will apply for both register user and non registered user.

  • Do not share your password to any known or unknown person

    Remember your email and password when you create account on petrol ride if you think your password is stolen then you can inform us we will reset your your password immediately and send you new password.

  • Terms and conditions for user and vehicle owner

    Our terms and conditions and rules are same for user and vehicle owner so both must follow all of our rules.if user behavior is not good we can take action against any user. vehicle owner please do not force user for any thing that is against our rules remember we are monitoring all thing in back end.

  • Termination of any service from our website

    We can introduce any new service or we can terminate any old service from our website at any time.

  • Changing of privacy policy

  • Termination of your account from our website

    If any body will violate of our agreement or any other policies we will terminate his account immediately.we can also terminate your registration on website if you will inactive for long time.if you violate of our rules and policies you can not use our website again.inactive person can register him self again according to our rules.

  • Children privacy of our website

    Our website collect information of children who are under the age of 18 years old.if you are the parent of children who is under 18.please feel free to contact with us.we know that we have collected information of under 18 years old children we assure you we will delete this information as soon as possible.the children whose ages are 13 and 18 can use the our website or services under the supervision of your parent or guardian also your parents must agree to our terms and conditions otherwise you can not use our website services.